Local Info: Transportation

Highways - Interstate 80 has made Clarion’s rural charms easily accessible to millions, and the majority of our visitors come from Eastern Ohio and Southwestern Pennsylvania, with a significant number from New York and Canada. I-80 has six exits in Clarion County, more than any other County in Pennsylvania and one of them, Exit 9, is known as the “Oasis of the Interstate." 

More services are available at Exit 9 than at any other exit in Pennsylvania, and that is just a start, because an even richer retail district, in downtown Clarion, is just a mile north of Exit 9. Also - US 322, through Clarion Borough (East-West); PA 66, through center of county (North-South); PA 68, from Butler to Clarion (Southwest-Northeast); 620 miles of state and Federal roads; 659 miles of secondary and municipal roads

Rail - Knox and Kane, CSX

Air - General Aviation: Clarion County Airport, with a 41,000 foot runway, night landing lights and a day time staff. Commercial Aviation: Jefferson County-DuBois Airport, in Franklin, 30 miles east of Clarion County; Chess-Lamberton Airport, in Franklin, 30 miles northwest of Clarion; Pittsburgh International Airport, and Cleveland International Airport are both about 100 miles away.

Taxi Service - Clarion County Taxi, 814-266-8635; Choice Cab Co., 814-221-4992

Local Bus Service - Clarion Area Transit, 866-282-4968 - www.clarion.edu/relations/bus