Local Info: Neighbors

Neighboring Boroughs


Deposits of iron ore were discovered around Shippenville and the furnaces in the area produced many tons of high grade iron, which were shipped to Pittsburgh by way of the Clarion River. With the mining of this ore, hauling it to the furnaces, mining limestone to flux, making charcoal and the cutting of forest employed hundreds of men in the area. After the discovery of oil, the town became busy again.

The first railroad to operate was the Emlenton and Shippenville Railroad, which did a heavy business with the oil finding. The first bank was chartered in 1890 and the first newspaper established in 1869.

East Brady Borough

East Brady derived its name from the famous Indian Fighter, Captain Samuel Brady. The first farmhouse was built in 1854, and in 1867 the first hardware store was opened. After 1886, the town grew very rapidly. The first bank was chartered in 1900 and the first newspaper was established in 1869.

A very interesting fact about East Brady is Jim Kelly former quarterback of the Buffalo Bills was born and raised in East Brady. He started out his football career at East Brady. Jim Kelly competed in four super bowls. This is something the people of East Brady take great pride in. Kelly is now a sports caster for the NFL.


If you are a local history buff, Foxburg is one of the most exciting historical areas in the county. Foxburg became a borough in 1928 although it had been a village since 1847. Foxburg has the distinction of having the oldest golf course in the United States and is the location of the American Golf Hall of Fame. The original Fox home stands on the banks of the Allegheny and Clarion Rivers.

St. Petersburg

The earliest settlers came to this community in 1808. It was incorporated as a borough in February of 1872. The first oil well drilled in this area was in 1871. St. Petersburg became famous and historically important. Almost overnight the population grew from 100 to 10,000, making it the largest town in Clarion County. There were four hotels and three large boarding houses. There were fifty business places. An opera house with a seating capacity of 800 to 1,000 was built. There were three newspapers established. in 1892, a fire destroyed the opera house and 28 other buildings. It has a small town atmosphere and it is located along the Allegheny River. For this reason St. Petersburg is a very popular location today for summer settlement.

New Bethlehem

New Bethlehem was incorporated as a borough in 1853. The first store and gristmill was built in 1835. Early industries included the first saw mill, an iron foundry, and a lumber mill. New Bethlehem held the first bank in the county. In 1872, the first newspaper was established.