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In 1886, Clarion became the location for one of the state teacher training schools, which was formally Carrier Seminary and is now Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Other well known schools in Clarion County were The Reid Institute, Clarion Collegiate Institute and The Callensburg Institute.

Now featuring an enrollment of approximately six thousand students. Clarion University has gone through multiple incarnations since its start as Carrier Seminary. In its first year as a state school in 1886, the seminary was named, Clarion Normal School, and its mission was to train teachers. For obvious marketing purposes, The Normal School then changed its name to the Clarion State Teachers College, and the education department is still one of the known specialties to its academic fame. After the name change in 1963 to Clarion State College, it broadened its base of subjects greatly. Then in 1983 the name changed for the last time to Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

This year marked the establishment of a separate state system of higher education that linked all of the state together under one system. Clarion University of Pennsylvania is nationally recognized for its business program, communication and teaching departments.

Clarion County is also the home of seven public school districts with enrollments from K through 12, ranging from 800-1600 students per school districts. The county also hosts 4 private school with students K-8, and the Riverview Intermediate School with students K-6.

Clarion University

Clarion University is an important part of Clarion County. The University is in a rural setting surrounded by peaceful countryside. The 18:1 student/professor ration number and the average class size of 25 draws students in to choose from the Universities Academic choices.

The 90 plus choices include bachelor, associate, master degree and certificate programs. The programs concentrate on education, business, communications, library science, nursing and liberal arts. You will find more than 125 clubs, and organizations including: radio stations and a television station, student government, speech, dramatic and religious organizations, music performance groups, Greek life and many more.

Athletics are not a problem at Clarion. Women's NCAA Division II sports include: basketball, cross country, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, track, volleyball and soccer. Men's NCAA Division II sports include: baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, swimming and diving, tennis, track, volleyball, and Division I wrestling. There are over 40 intramural sports played in the new six million dollar student recreation center.

Feel free to contact the University at 1-800-672-7171 or over the web at www.clarion.edu.

Clarion County School Districts

Allegheny Clarion Valley School
Address: Box 345, Foxburg PA 16036
Serving: Foxburg, Park and St. Petersburg Boroughs, Perry, Richland, Hovey, Allegheny, Scrubgrass, Venango, and Richland-Clarion Townships
Phone: (724) 659-5820 Or (724) 659-4661
Enrollment:  488 (High School) and 429 (Elementary)
Clarion Area School District
Address: 219 Liberty Street, Clarion PA 16214
Serving: Clarion Borough, Highland, Monroe and Paint Townships
Phone: (814) 226-8112 (High School) or (814) 226-8118 (Elementary)
Enrollment: Enrollment: 445 (High School) and 487 (Elementary)
Clarion-Limestone School District
Address: 4091 CL School Road, Strattanville PA 16258
Serving: Strattanville and Corsica Boroughs, Limestone, Monroe, Paint, Union & Millcreek Townships
Phone: (814) 764-5111
Enrollment: 500 (High School) and 600 (Elementary)
Keystone School District
Address: 451 Huston Ave., Knox PA 16232
Phone: (814) 797-5921
Serving: Callensburg, Knox, and Shippenville Boroughs, Ashland, Beaver, Elk, Licking and Salem Townships
Enrollment: 605 (High School) and 579 (Elementary)
North Clarion School District
Address: 10439 Rt. 36, Tionesta PA 16353
Serving: Knox, Farmington, and Washington Townships
Phone: (814) 744-8544 (High School) and (814) 744-8541 (Elementary)
Enrollment: 354 (High School) and 326 (Elementary)
Redbank Valley School District
Address: 920 Broad Street, New Bethlehem PA 16242
Serving: New Bethlehem and Hawthorn Boroughs, Porter and Redbank, Townships. In Armstrong County: Mahoning, Madison and Redbank Townships, and South Bethlehem Borough.
Phone: (814) 275-2426
Enrollment: 654 (High School) and 641 (Elementary)
St. Joseph's
Address: 72 Rectory Lane, Lucinda PA 16235
Phone: (814) 226-8018
Enrollment: 96 (Pre-K - 6)
Union School District
Address: 354 Baker Street, Rimersburg PA 16248
Serving: Rimersburg and Sligo Boroughs, Madison, Piney and Toby Townships
Phone: (814) 473-6311
Enrollment: 375 (High School) and 364 (Elementary)
Clarion County Career Center
Address: 477 Career Road, Shippenville PA 16254
Serving: Allegheny-Clarion, Clarion Area, Clarion-Limestone, Keystone, Redbank, North Clarion, and Union Schools
Phone: (814) 226-4391
Enrollment: 400
Immaculate Conception School
Address: 729 East Main Street, Clarion PA 16214
Serving: Allegheny-Clarion, Clarion Area, Clarion-Limestone, Keystone, Redbank, North Clarion, Forest and Union Schools.
Phone: (814) 226-8433
Enrollment: 115 (K-8) and 20 (pre-school)